December 9, 2023


A Complete Guide To White Label Forex Trading Platforms

Forex trading platforms and online forex brokerages are the pillars that carry the fast-moving forex market, making it an attractive option for millions of traders from all parts of the world. Hence, establishing your own brokerage and launching a brand new forex trading platform can be a considerable business idea for all forex enthusiasts with the necessary resources, funds and expertise. One of the easiest ways through which a beginner can start out as a forex broker is by choosing a forex white label provider. Now, how a white label provider helps you in setting up your own forex brokerage, and what exactly do you get while opting for a white label solution? You will get to know all the A to Z details about the same in the complete guide to white label forex trading platforms.

Basics of White Label Trading Platform

A white label trading platform is simply a complete software solution that a leading forex broker provides to a new or emerging brokerage. The new broker can get started real quick without building their own platform from scratch. The top broker providing this solution is called a forex white label provider, and a typical white label package is a partnership by which you get to rely on the technology, tools and resources of an established forex broker to build your own brand name.

One of the best things about choosing white label forex broker is that you get to skip the tedious, time-consuming and expensive process of setting up a whole new broker platform as you get a ready-made solution at a much lower price. The white label platform will bear your brand name and logo with all the customisations you wish to add to your broker website. In short, you are simply rebranding an existing platform and that way, you will be able to kick-start your brokerage business with fewer funds and less effort and that too within a short span of time.

Now, we will be answering some frequently asked questions about white label solutions so that you get to know all the details that you would need while starting your own forex brokerage with a white label package.

How Fast Can You Open a Brokerage With White Label Package?

The time taken to set up a brand new forex brokerage with the backing of a white label solution is way lesser than the time it takes to build a platform from ground zero. The white label provider will help you with almost everything that you need during the initial period. Many white label providers have a very quick registration and setup process, which can be completed within a few weeks.

Developing a platform all by yourself takes a team of tech experts and developers, which adds up to the cost. Not to forget the platform integration, payment processor set-up, licensing formality, and prolonged test runs that go behind the launch of a new website and trading platform. A white label trading platform is all set and ready to be used for trading and needs no additional work.

Is White Label Packages Really Affordable?

Starting a brokerage with white label package does reduce the total cost to a great extent. The initial setup cost is significantly lesser, and the ongoing cost for platform maintenance also falls on the lower side in comparison to running a business as an independent forex broker. Most white label packages come with CRM solutions which saves a lot of money that would go for getting these separately. Launching a forex broker platform with the backing of a white label provider is surely the most feasible and cost-effective alternative that you can go for.

Different white label providers have different pricing structures for their white label solutions, but most range from $15000 to $25000. Now, the costs can go up or down depending upon the type of white label solution you opt for and the additional services you may get from the provider. Sometimes, the broker may charge extra for some services, which need to be discussed before choosing your white label provider.

Is White Label Packages Safe?

Starting a forex brokerage with a white label package will be a secure and safe option if you choose the right white label provider. Most white label providers are top-tier brokers with enough experience in the market, and you can go for regulated brokers to stay on the safe side. They can help you better in aspects like licensing and regulation as they themselves operate under the guidelines of a top-tier regulatory body.

Their platform and systems are already designed in accordance with regulatory standards. Hence, not only does the new broker get the benefit of starting their business securely, but their future clients also get to join and trade in a secure trading platform that sets them apart from other new brokers.

What Other Benefits Do You Get by Opting for White Label Solution?

Sophisticated Technology – When you choose the perfect white label package, you get to offer a superior trading experience to your clients due to the sophisticated technology and superior solutions provided by the white label provider. This is something new brokers generally can’t afford to get, and even if they have the funds, they may not have the technical expertise to develop a fully-functional platform on their own. Also, the development process takes a lot of time to complete, and the white label packages would be the best move in this situation.

Scope for Expansion – Many beginner brokers have this misconception that when they rely on a white label provider, they will lose the chance to operate as an independent broker. But that is not true, as many of the top brokers you see today also depended on forex white label solutions while starting out. But they managed to establish their brand name and expanded their business as an independent broker over time. So, this is another benefit you can avail yourself of by choosing a white label solution.

Competitive Edge – The forex brokerage industry is highly competitive, and surviving as a new broker is tough irrespective of the method used for launching your business. But those who rely on white label solutions surely get a competitive edge as they get guidance and support from a top brokerage business along with technological support. So, they clearly have an advantage over other new brokers, which will definitely benefit them in the long run.

Better Marketing – Forex white label packages allow new brokers to do better marketing of their platform and services as they can fully focus on promotional activities alone without worrying about other complex processes. Some white label providers even offer assistance with marketing which is even better for new brokers. Brokers who start out on their own may fail to perform well due to a lack of proper promotion and marketing. Because they already have a lot of tasks to do on their own, this risk can be eliminated by choosing a white label package that comes with marketing services.

Solid Trading Conditions – The primary service a forex broker provides is creating a link between traders and the currency market. A broker allows clients to interact with the market and place trades by providing favourable trading conditions. The first condition that traders need from a broker is fast execution of trades at the best prices; for that, they need liquidity. New brokers will have a hard time finding top-tier liquidity providers, but this task becomes very easy with white label solutions. So this way, you can ensure solid trading conditions for your clients.

Plenty of Trading Tools – A reputed white label solution offers its clients several useful trading tools and calculators, which they can offer to their clients to make trading easier. There are many popular calculators that traders like to use, such as forex spread calculator, pip calculator, profit calculator, lot size calculator, margin calculator and more, so if your white label solution provider is able to provide most (if not all) of these, then it’ll be of great help for your clients.

Customisation – White label packages give many options for customisation, which makes it very beneficial for new brokers keen to create a unique brand image in the forex market. Brokers who are not well-versed with the kind of theme and layouts that can appeal to the traders can simply coordinate with their white label provider and let them know about the customisations you plan to do for your brand new broker platform. The white label provider can assist you in the process and work with you to give your platform an eye-catching design and custom features.

Final Thoughts

Finally, forex white label solutions are one complete package of everything and anything that a new broker would need to ensure a solid start for their business. It makes your entrance to the brokerage world faster and easier, but at the same time, it does not remove the market risk, which is an inseparable part of every business proposal. But those with the right amount of knowledge and a sound business plan can surely transform this risk into rewards in the long run, making white label solutions appealing to a new forex broker.

Forex Trading Calculators – To Simplify Your Trading

Forex Trading Calculators

Forex trading requires a lot of skills and knowledge, to begin with, which involves logical, analytical as well as decision-making skills. Taking the right trading decisions at the right time is the first step towards success in forex. The forex market is a fast-moving and dynamic place where a minor delay can make room for major losses in trading. Taking the best trading decisions requires many types of calculations, and doing all of them manually within a short time is simply impossible. The complex nature of these calculations can make trading a tiring process for an average newbie. Hence, a powerful tool called the forex trading calculator was created to assist traders in decision-making.

In this article, you will get some valuable information about forex trading calculators that can be useful for anyone interested in simplifying the process of trading for themselves.

What Are Forex Trading Calculators?

Forex trading calculators are automated tools traders use to calculate various aspects of their trades. These calculators are designed to make it easier for traders to make informed decisions about their trades by providing them with the crucial information they need. Forex trading calculators come in different forms, but they all serve the same purpose of helping traders with the basic yet essential trade-related calculations they need to perform before every trade.

Many forex brokers and online forex trading platforms offer their users different types of forex trading calculators for free. They can be used by anyone with an internet connection easily. You just need to select the particular calculator and enter the relevant data. When you hit the calculate button, the calculator will return instant and accurate results. This makes the tedious calculation process a piece of cake for anyone, irrespective of their knowledge and skill level.

In fact, forex trading calculators are one of the most beginner-friendly tools, which are easy to use by anyone with some basic knowledge and understanding of the forex market. But the use of forex trading calculators is not just limited to beginners, as seasoned professional traders also need them to get quick results for their calculations. There are many basic to complex trade-related calculations that these forex trading calculators can perform with at most precision and speed. Read More

Understanding How Islamic Forex Accounts Work

Islamic Forex Accounts

The world of forex trading is evolving at a rapid rate, making it the most popular form of trading on a global level. This means millions of traders worldwide come together while trading in the international forex market. They all have the same goal of making profits, but the path they choose for accomplishing this goal can differ based on their preferences and requirements. The trading conditions required by Muslim traders tend to vary due to the rules of Islamic finance they must follow. Hence, forex brokers proposed using Islamic forex accounts, which can provide Muslim traders with the most favourable trading conditions.

This unique approach to forex trading is gaining popularity among Muslim traders worldwide, making it essential to understand how Islamic Forex accounts work. Read More

Mastering MetaTrader 5: A Guide to Trading Success

MetaTrader 5

Mastering the MetaTrader 5 Platform is vital for traders wishing to succeed in the fast-paced world of online trading. This comprehensive guide offers insightful tips from setting up your account to executing trades and covers everything you need to know to become a good and confident trader. It is a must-read for anyone looking to master the art of trading on the MetaTrader 5 platform, regardless of your experience level, so let’s start.

How To Start Trading With MetaTrader 5 (MT5)?

Professional traders frequently use MetaTrader 5 (MT5) because of its quickness, efficacy, and affordability. However, starting to trade on MetaTrader 5 can be perplexing for beginners. Thankfully, setting up a demo account with a reputable broker is a simple and effective way to examine the distinctive features of the platform.

With MT5, you’ll discover a user-friendly interface with tabs for view, file, charts, insert and help and access to all essential features from the main menu bar. You may add analytical indicators or tools to your trading environment with the aid of these features. Moreover, you can alter the chart timeframes and types, as well as other features, using the toolbars that are located below the main menu. The market prices for certain financial assets, such as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, gold, and crude oil, are shown in the Market Watch column on the chart’s left. Moreover, it offers data and specifics of financial contracts and one-click trading options.

You may track the development of your open trading positions and pending orders in the toolbox area under your chart(s) and make any necessary modifications there. Other helpful information is available in this window, including account history, alerts, news, the internal inbox, and expert journals.

It’s simple to place your first order on the MT5 trading platform. Right-click on your chosen instrument in the Market Watch box and select “New Order.” Thereafter, choose whether to carry out an immediate or a waiting order. Choose your position size, stop-loss and take-profit levels, and click “Sell” or “Purchase” to place an immediate order. Before hitting “Place,” select the order type, price, size, stop-loss, and take-profit levels for a pending order. Read More

How To Use Metatrader 4?

Metatrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is a leading trading platform developed by MetaQuotes in 2005. With the continuous advancement of technology, more and more trading platforms have been introduced, but MT4 has managed to stand above the rest by proving its effectiveness.

It is a state-of-the-art trading platform that novice and seasoned traders can rely upon. MetaTrader 4 can make your trading journey easier by providing the tools and resources you may require en route. In this article, we will explain everything that you need to know about using MT4. Read More

An Introductory Guide to Copy Trading

copy trade

Copy trading is a popular form of trading in which an individual trader copies the trading strategies of a successful trader, often referred to as an expert trader. This is done through an online copy trading platform that allows traders to replicate the trades of another trader automatically. Copy trading has become increasingly popular due to its ease of use, accessibility, and the potential to make a profit without extensive trading knowledge. In fact, copy trading actually gives you an easy entrance to the complex financial markets to trade without much effort. Copy trading can be done with a number of asset classes, including forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, CFDs and more. Read in article more about forex copy trading.

Today, we will give you an introductory guide to copy trading to give you an idea about this lucrative venture which anyone with minimal knowledge can explore.

How Does Copy Trading Work?

Copy trading works by connecting traders with other experienced traders, who are usually successful traders with profitable trading systems that generate good returns. Firstly, such top traders sign up with a copy trading platform and showcase their trading skills by trading on their own account. Once the trader starts making profits and meets the set criteria to get listed as a top trader on the copy trading platform, other traders will be able to follow them for copy trading.

The trading history of this trader along with overall results and performance statistics will be made publicly available on the copy trading platform. The traders who wish to copy trade can choose the best trader for themselves out of the top traders that are listed on the platform. Their investment levels, return on investment, winning rate, max account drawdown, positions that are running live and other key metrics will be there to give you an overall picture about the past performance of the trader.

You will choose a trader based on these performance statistics alone. Traders can even follow multiple top traders with different trading systems for diversification. Most of the copy trading platforms use advanced technology to automate the copy trading process by which the trades opened by the trader you follow will get automatically copied and executed in your account. All followers of this trader will experience a fully automated trading process happening in real-time as soon as the main account opens trades. Read More

What is White Label Forex-a Complete Guide

White Label Forex

As the forex market has been continuing to expand as an attractive place for traders, there has been a 14% increase in the average trading volume between 2019 and 2022. This is a rough estimate based on the Bank for International Settlements’ triennial survey and on top of that, the growth in average trading volume for the last 3 years was 30 percent. The numbers are clear evidence for the rise in the number of traders who are actively engaged in forex trading. Each and every new trader who enters the forex market is a potential client for a forex broker. The forex brokerage industry has also been growing alongside the forex market. And white label forex is opening up new opportunities for every entrepreneur aspiring to become a forex broker. So, today we will help you out with a complete guide on white label forex and its endless possibilities.

What is White Label Forex?

In simple words, white label forex is a service model using which one can easily set up their own branded forex trading platform by using the very same software infrastructure that is owned by another leading broker. The primary broker will function as your white label service provider by allowing you to use their trading platform and back-office panel. Developing a trading platform from scratch can be a lot of work for a beginner broker. But the entrance to the forex market as a broker has been made easier with white label forex solutions. You will be collaborating with a well-known forex broker with experience and expertise in the forex industry. They will act as your guide and take you through the steps that are needed for establishing your own brokerage.

One interesting fact that you may not know yet is that many of the top tier forex brokers that are ruling the market space today, have also availed white label forex solutions in the past while starting their journey. They entered the forex industry as a white label forex broker and built their brand name with consistent efforts. This way they were able to grow and expand as an independent forex brokerage with their trading platform over the years. This means starting out as a white label broker will never limit your prospects, if you are planning to emerge as a top-tier forex broker in the future.

White Label Forex Vs Introducing Broker Program

As we mentioned before, the goal of white label forex is to help beginners to start their own branded white label forex brokerage, whereas the goal of IB programs or Introducing broker programs is to bring more clients to the broker’s platform by acting like their affiliate or agent. An IB or Introducing broker is only in charge of introducing the broker platform to potential clients and helping the broker in growing their client base. An IB will be using their social networks, websites, blogs, social media pages and so on to promote the broker platform that they are associated with. They will be compensated with commission based on how many new clients they end up persuading to join the broker’s platform.

The benefits of an IB program is limited to commission and your role will be limited to being a promoter for the forex broker platform. On the other hand white label forex programs are much wider in scope and here the goal is to become a branded brokerage yourself with your own client base and trading platform. You will be using the technological infrastructure set up by another broker but still you are the one who owns the business here. The trading platform will be having a brand name of your choice which means you get all rights and benefits that a business entity gets by offering services to clients.

Benefits of White Label Forex

Helps to Cut Down the Initial Cost

Like any other business model, establishing a forex brokerage also requires a large amount of capital to begin with. The exact amount of capital needed will vary based on what kind of platform you want to offer to your clients. But this overall cost can be cut down to a great extent by simply opting for a white label forex solution by finding a broker who provides white label forex services. There will still be some initial setup cost and monthly platform maintenance charges you will have to bear, but it is a lot less in comparison to the capital that you will have to spend for setting up a forex brokerage all by yourself. Read in article more about investing trading.

An Easier Entry With the Backing of an Expert

As we said before, white label forex programs are designed to provide an easy entrance to the forex brokerage industry. Some forex white label service providers will help you to get started within weeks with a simplified sign up process that can save a lot of time and effort on your part. Because the forex white label solution comes with a trading platform that is already being used and maintained by experts, you won’t have to worry about all these complex procedures and processes. They will be providing you full support from background which sometimes includes training, advice and assistance with promotional activities.Read More

What Are MAM and PAMM Accounts?

MAM and PAMM Accounts

What Are Managed Forex Accounts?

Managed forex accounts are MAM and PAMM accounts which are controlled or managed by professional traders on behalf of the account holder. In a managed forex account, instead of placing trades on his own the account holder entrusts his funds to the money manager in the hope to leverage the expertise of the professional trader. In managed forex accounts, the investor gives a partial power of attorney to the account manager and the profits or losses will be shared between the account holder and the manager depending on the agreement between them.

The MAM and PAMM systems are designed to make the process of investing with a professional money manager more accessible and convenient for investors. It allows them to benefit from the experience of professional traders without having to go through the hassle of setting up and managing their own account.

What is MAM

A Multi-Account Manager (MAM) is a trading system that allows an experienced trader to handle multiple forex trading accounts simultaneously, while managing them as a single portfolio. The managed accounts in the MAM system are linked to the main account. Thus, all the trading orders that the money manager executes on the master trader account are distributed on the connected accounts. But the specifics, like stop-loss, take-profit levels, position size are altered depending upon the parameters set by the investor. MAM accounts provide greater flexibility to account managers allowing them to set different trading conditions and restrictions for each individual account. MAM systems are commonly used by professional money managers and institutional traders, but can also be used by individual traders who want to manage multiple accounts at once.

What is PAMM

PAMM, or “Percentage Allocation Management Module,” is a type of investment strategy that allows multiple investors to pool their funds together and have them managed by a professional money manager. With a PAMM Forex account, the money manager, also known as the “account manager,” has complete control over the trading decisions and execution of trades for the account. The manager is then able to make trades for the entire account, using a strategy that is tailored to the combined investment goals of all the investors.
The returns generated by the account are then distributed among the investors according to their percentage of the total investment. So, the more you invest, the greater the potential returns.

Difference Between MAM & PAMM

When it comes to professional money management, PAMM and MAM accounts are both really good options. But there is a difference between the two!

PAMM accounts are like a private investment club where multiple investors pool their funds together and give the charge to manage it to a seasoned trader, who will use his expertise to manage the combined pool of funds with the goal of maximizing returns.

MAM accounts allow professional money managers to manage multiple accounts simultaneously, in an efficient manner. Instead of having to execute trades individually for each account, a money manager can make trades for multiple accounts at once. MAM accounts also provide greater flexibility for money managers, as they can tailor their trading strategies and risk management to the specific needs of each individual client.

Therefore, the significant difference between the two is that PAMM focuses on pooling the funds of multiple investors to maximize returns while MAM focuses on managing multiple accounts through a single terminal at once. Read More

Streamline Your Forex Trading with These Easy-to-Use Calculators


Forex trading is a complicated process which requires traders to make informed decisions based on market analysis as well as risk management and optimization of strategy. To assist traders in making these choices there is a range of highly-technical trading software and calculation tools readily available in the marketplace. These tools allow traders to evaluate market patterns, estimate the potential losses and profits, and reduce risk effectively. In this article we will discuss the significance of trading tools for forex trading and give an overview of the various kinds of tools available on the market.

Explain the importance of Tools for Trading in Forex Trading

Trading tools are crucial for traders because they provide invaluable information about the market, and help traders make educated decisions, and help them manage risk effectively. Without these tools, traders would need to rely on their own intuition and experience on their own which could be risky and result in poor trading choices. Trading tools can assist traders find lucrative opportunities, manage their trades in a way that is efficient as well as optimise the effectiveness of their trading strategies. Read More